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Water Testing Services by Evolve®

Detect Hard Water Issues, pH Levels, Iron & More With Quality Water Testing

Home Water Testing in [state] by Evolve®

At Evolve, we believe true water treatment begins at a molecular level. Our network of authorized water treatment professionals has over 50 years of manufacturing expertise. So we know that better science makes brilliant water. Through thorough water testing, we provide a clear picture of your water quality - all right from the convenience of your home.

More advanced water testing services are also available to detect numerous issues with your water - from heavy metal contaminants like lead or copper to Coliform and E-coli bacteria. These impurities can cause health problems, pipe blockages, and build-up in your home's plumbing system.

Evolve's Home Water Testing Options:

  • Complimentary in-home services can detect water hardness, iron, pH imbalances, and more
  • Deluxe on-site testing will detect manganese, nitrates, TDS, and hydrogen sulfide
  • Water samples can be sent to independent labs to provide detailed, broad-spectrum analysis on more unique contaminants such as lead, arsenic, fluoride, chloride, silicon, and other common issues
  • If bacteria is a concern, water samples can be sent to a lab to determine if E.Coli is present

Evolve In-Home Water Tests

Once our technicians arrive at your home, they will analyze your water to fully understand the best solution for your needs. Each of our authorized Evolve water experts carries in-home testing kits to give you accurate results and help you reach a solution in accordance with your needs.

Our Water Testing Kits allow technicians to test for the following:

  • Hardness
  • TDS
  • Sulfur
  • Iron
  • pH imbalance
  • Nitrates
  • Manganese
  • Chlorine

If required, our Deluxe Water Testing Kits test for:

  • Coliform & E-Coli Bacteria
  • Lead
  • Copper, Mercury, Nickel, and other metals
  • PFOA/PFOS (Gen X) Chemicals
  • Arsenic
  • Iron Bacteria
  • Fluoride

If substances like lead or bacteria have found their way into your water supply, an additional sample will be collected and sent to a third-party laboratory.* These results will provide a more detailed and scientific explanation of your water analysis.

* Third-party laboratory testing and other more in-depth analysis are add-on services not included in the basic free in-home testing that dealers provide.

How Our Water Testing Service Works

Are you looking to get your water tested with an in-home consultation? We're here to make it as easy as possible with our experienced technicians.

Testing Samples
  1. Initial conversation: Your local dealer will start by discussing your water needs and asking preliminary questions regarding your concerns. Our technician will go in-depth about possible water problems and their causes.

  2. Assessing your existing water treatment: Next, our water testing expert will look at your current water supply setup. If the test results show treatment is needed, the technician will be looking for optimal places to install the equipment and explain their process. If you already have a water softener, conditioner, or filter, they will review that equipment to see if there are any obvious issues in how they are operating.

  3. Diagnosing water problems: A raw water sample will be collected to test the untreated water coming into your home. The technician will also take note of any distinct odors and keep an eye out for any visual symptoms of water stains caused by iron, low pH water, or hard water problems. 85% of homes in the United States have hard water issues that are often left untreated.

  4. Water tests: After evaluating your water, it's time to test the quality of your water. Our experts will collect any additional water samples and administer the tests they determined appropriate based on your discussions. They will demonstrate and explain what they're looking for and give you any immediate results that are available. Our tests detect hardness, pH levels, iron, bacteria, total dissolved solids, sulfur, and more.

  5. Review: After testing and evaluating your home's water, they will give you recommended options on water treatment services or equipment if needed and explain your results. If you need further lab testing, you should receive these results in about a week. We'll help you understand your breakdown and take care of the rest!

By having your water tested, you're able to truly understand what it will take to have clean, high-quality water to protect the investments you make in your home. Click here to find a dealer near you!

Detect Common Water Issues With Evolve

Better science. Brilliant water. Our unique approach to solving your water issues gives you clear diagnostics and fresh, purified water.

The most common types of water issues in homes vary from location to location, but you can often find:

Hard water

Evolve®  offers water softener systems to combat calcium buildup.

Calcium, a mineral that forms buildup in your plumbing and creates hard water. Evolve® offers water softener systems to help combat this.

Hard water issues are one of the most common water problems homeowners face. Minerals like calcium dissolve in your water as it passes through the Earth. These eroded particles continue to be carried by the water into your home and can cause your pipes to become backed up or blocked altogether. It can also wear down your appliances, like washing machines, dishwashers, coffee pots and cause dryness in your hair and skin.

Chlorine Additives

Chlorine can be removed by an Evolve® water filtration system

To improve chlorine filled water in your home, a water filtration system is the solution to remove this chemical.

Chlorine is a well-known cleaning agent and has many practical uses, even when it comes to protecting your water. Cities are responsible for providing safe water to their residents. One of the measures to ensure the water that leaves their treatment plants arrives safely is they add chlorine to prevent bacteria from contaminating the water. Once the water reaches your house, this additional step is no longer needed. The extra chlorine makes water taste and smell bad, plus it will dry out your skin leaving it dry and flaky.

Hydrogen Sulfide

Eliminate the sulfur odor in water with the Evolve® water filtration system.

To enjoy refreshing drinks, and not have to suffer with a sulfur problem, Evolve® offers a water filter that eliminates all bad smells.

Hydrogen sulfide in your home's water will come with a foul-smelling odor and may be one of the first things you notice. Most commonly a problem with well water, hydrogen sulfide is a gas that is traveling with your water as it is pumped up from them ground. When your water flows out of the tap, the gas is released into the air causing the telltale rotten egg smell. It will also leave greasy and discolored stains in your showers, dishwashers, and other water using appliances.


Evolve®  offers the best water filtration system to remove iron.

A water filtration system is the solution to help remove iron from the water in your home.

Iron can cause multiple water problems and leave rust-colored stains on your water fixtures as well as your laundry. You may notice a metallic taste in your water or see red residue start to build up. These are all preliminary signs that iron is present in your water. Over time, enough of this residue can build up to clog the pipes and fixtures in your plumbing. Iron can travel in your water completely dissolved so you can't even see it, but it can also be fully formed particles that turn your water brown as it's coming out of the faucet.

Low pH

The acid neutralizer is a water filtration system used to improve pH levels.

Low pH cause higher acid levels in your water, which will corrode your plumbing. Evolve® offers a water filtration system that neutralizes acid that will help you save your pipes.

Natural, pure water will be "neutral" on the pH scale. Unfortunately, finding pure water in nature is nearly impossible with all of the outside influences it comes in contact with. If the pH of your water is too low, it can tip the scale and make it acidic, causing your home's appliances and piping system to deteriorate rapidly. This highly corrosive water can lead to pinhole leaks in your plumbing, or ruin your sinks, toilets, and bathtubs with blue-green stains left by the oxidized metals it stripped from the metal pipes.

Our water treatment systems solve your home's common water problems and keep new ones at bay.


  • Why should I test my water?

    Testing your water can give you more clarity about what you're drinking and help you catch stealthy problems early on. Many common water issues cannot not be detected by sight, smell, or taste so the only way to truly know what is in your water is by testing it.

  • How frequently should I test?

    It is best to test your water at least once a year, especially if you are retrieving your water from a well. Water quality depends on the environment around it which is constantly changing. Routinely testing your water provides you with accurate, up-to-date results and to the ability to put a solution in place before bigger problems arise.

  • What are the different types of water testing?

    Water testing can range anywhere from at-home water tests you can buy at a store to an expert water technician coming to your home, collecting the sample, interpreting the results on site, or sending it off to the laboratory for further testing. Each option provides a greater accuracy when it comes to the results given. Many store bought water testing options can only give a general idea of the contaminant level it is testing for, which may not be enough to determine the proper type of product you need to solve the problem.

  • How do germs and chemicals get into my drinking water?

    Germs and chemicals can enter your drinking water in numerous ways. The most common cause of water problems is environmental change. But it could also be due to:

    • Naturally occurring chemicals and minerals
    • Local land-use practices (Fertilizers, pesticides, livestock, etc,)
    • Cracked or broken well caps or well casings
    • Manufacturing processes
    • Sewer overflows 
    • Malfunctioning wastewater treatment systems

    If you have concerns about unforeseen bacterial or chemical changes to your water supply, our Evolve dealers can provide certified filtration and ultraviolet treatment solutions for you and your family.

  • Are water testing kits accurate?

    Water testing kits come in a wide variety of styles and all can provide some degree of information to help you guide your decision. Often, at home test strips available from retail stores collected by the homeowner are typically less accurate than a technician performing the test. They are only able to give a ballpark figure on the contaminant detected. The advanced resources available to authorized Evolve dealers provide pinpoint information that is pivotal in determine the proper type of system that is best suited to remove the issue.

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Every feature of the Evolve® water treatment systems has been designed to provide better water for your home and family. Our complete line of innovative water treatment products combines efficiency and flexibility to create the brilliant water you can trust.

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