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Water Treatment System Maintenance & Repairs Made Easy

Service & Repair of Water Conditioners, Softeners & Filtration Systems

An Evolve technician services a water treatment system

Water treatment systems play an important role in maintaining water quality in your home by reducing harmful bacteria or chemicals or removing odors or hardness. If you've noticed changes in your water quality or you're concerned that your water treatment system isn't functioning properly, it's time to have your system checked by a professional. For expert water system maintenance and service, you can rely on your local Evolve dealer to reduce breakdowns and ensure the safety and efficiency of your water conditioner, softener, filtration, or drinking water systems.

Evolve's Water System Maintenance & Repair Options

  • Preventative Maintenance - Includes cleaning, sanitizing, checking for salt bridging, adjusting program settings, checking hardness levels, adjusting regeneration frequency, and assessing water quality. Preventative maintenance and service by your local Evolve dealer can help ensure optimal performance, reduce breakdowns, extend the life of your water system, and ensure the highest quality water possible.
  • Replacement Filters - Filter cartridges for your Evolve water filtration systems or drinking water systems. Your Evolve dealer can ensure you have the right filter for your specific system and water quality. Routine water filter replacement will help keep your water free of contaminants and extend the life of your water appliances and fixtures.
  • System Diagnosis & Repairs - Assess changes in your water quality, including hardness, color, or odors and quickly diagnose water softener, conditioner or filtration system issues. Your local Evolve dealer will provide you with a free estimate for water treatment system repairs.
  • System Upgrades & Replacements - Custom-designed water treatment systems and professional installation of water softeners, water conditioners, water filtration systems, drinking water systems, and specialty contaminant reduction systems. If it's time to replace your old water treatment unit, your local Evolve dealer will haul away the old equipment at no extra cost and provide you with a free estimate for the installation of your new Evolve water treatment products.
  • Salt Delivery for Water Softeners - Easily add salt to your water softener and ensure your water softener salt is the proper grade and type for your system. Your local Evolve water treatment expert can provide salt delivery, refill your salt tank, and service your system, if needed.

How Do You Know If Your Water Treatment System Needs Service?

When properly installed and maintained, many water treatment systems can last for several years with minimal maintenance. With age, heavy use, or poor maintenance, water systems are prone to issues, breakdowns, and even failure. If your water treatment system isn't working like it should, including the presence of bad tastes, odors, or poor water quality or flow rate, these are signs that it's time to have the system inspected. Call your local Evolve dealer if you notice any of these typical signs of a water quality problem.

Warning Signs of a Water Treatment System Problem:

  • Spots, stains, or film on dishes
  • Mineral buildup on fixtures or appliances
  • Dry skin or hair
  • Foul odor coming from water
  • Too much or not enough water in the brine tank
  • Sump pump continuously running or water constantly running down the drain
  • Salt level in the brine tank isn't changing
  • High-pitched squealing noise during the backwash process
  • Check salt alarm going off even though there is salt in the brine tank

Your local Evolve water system expert has the knowledge and equipment to service and repair any Evolve water treatment system and ensure you're getting the highest quality water possible. Ask about our Annual Maintenance for the most convenient and reliable service for your water treatment system.

Annual Maintenance for Evolve Water Treatment Systems

Convenient Service by Local Water Treatment Specialists

Routine and annual water treatment system maintenance helps prevent serious future problems, extends the life of your system, and ensures that your home has high-quality water for your needs. Our local technicians are experienced in maintaining, servicing, and repairing water conditioners, softeners, drinking water systems, and water filtration systems.

Evolve technician talking with homeowners during annual water system maintenance

When you schedule annual maintenance with your local Evolve dealer, your technician will perform a 10-point inspection of your water treatment system.

Evolve's Maintenance Checklist:

  1. Check and adjust time of day
  2. Check and adjust regeneration time
  3. Check hardness and day override settings and adjust if needed
  4. Check max flow rates to make sure flow rate doesn't exceed limits of system
  5. Check brine percentages and brine errors
  6. Change screen and injector
  7. Ensure brine tank isn't bridging
  8. Ensure well pump is producing proper backwash rates
  9. Ensure system is metering water usage
  10. Run system through cycles to ensure proper function

Having your Evolve water treatment system inspected annually is essential for a well-functioning system and high-quality water. Beyond cleaning and sanitizing the system, our technicians can optimize program settings, replace worn out parts, assess your water quality, and provide repairs as needed - everything you need to keep your Evolve water treatment system working like new.

Need Water Treatment System Maintenance or Repair?

From water treatment system maintenance to replacement filters and salt delivery to system repairs and upgrades, you can trust an Evolve water treatment company for expert service. Backed by dedicated local water quality experts, our team supports our state-of-the-art products to provide you with brilliant, better-tasting water. For expert advice or to schedule service from your local dealer, give us a call or fill out our online contact form today.


Do water filters require maintenance?

To maintain the quality of your water, some water filter maintenance is required. This includes occasional cleaning, filter replacement, and annual maintenance. Taking steps to maintain your water filtration system will ensure the highest quality water possible, reduce breakdowns, and extend the life of your system. Our local dealers provide annual inspections and service to help you easily maintain your Evolve water filter system. To schedule maintenance, service, or installation, contact your local Evolve dealer today.

How do I maintain my water filter?

Maintaining your home water filtration system includes regularly replacing the filter, santizing the system, and having the system inspected and serviced annually. Filters should be replaced regularly, based on how much water has been treated and the quality of the water. Filters should typically be replaced every 3 months up to a year, depending on the specific system and type of filter. Replacing the filters and properly maintaining your water filtration system will ensure you're getting the highest quality water possible. For the best results, schedule regular maintenance with your Evolve water treatment professional today.

How often should I service my water softener?

Water softener systems should generally be serviced annually, in addition to regularly adding salt and cleaning the brine tank. Signs that your water softener might require immediate service include water that feels hard, spots on dishes, salt levels not changing, or a sudden change in the quality of the water. For water softener maintenance, service, or repair, contact the Evolve dealer in your area.

What's the cost of water softener repair?

Depends. Some water softener problems are easy and inexpensive to fix, while others require more expensive solutions, including replacing faulty parts. Evolve dealers are equipped to solve a range of water softener problems, including salt bridges, power issues, defective timers, clogged or faulty valves, or depletion of resin beads. To request service and a free repair estimate, contact an Evolve dealer near you today.

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