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Evolve® EVT Water Filter

Remove tannins for clear, drinkable water

The EVT tannin filter removes tannins from your water along with unwanted minerals, discoloration, odors, and tastes often found in wells. Our tannin filtration system preserves the life of your well and conserves water. 

Looking for an environmentally-friendly solution to your tannin issues? Contact your local Evolve® dealer to learn more today!

Innovative Tannin Adsorption Resins for Your Home

The EVT water filter comes complete with tannin adsorption resins and can be customized to your home's specific needs. Resin absorption helps to:

  • Perform anion exchange to remove tannins
  • Regenerate that helps to protect your well
  • Lower pH levels during the exchange

What are tannins?

Tannins are organic matter found in groundwater wells. These tannins are often what cause discoloration and musty or earthy-tasting water in wells. Our tannin filters are proven to successfully remove tannins in your well water for crystal-clear, great-tasting water.

  • Features

    EVT system features:

    • Exclusive technology to ensure consistent water quality
    • Unique adsorption media to remove tannins
    • Quartz underbedding to deliver high and consistent flow rates
    • Low-maintenance brine tank with salt storage, for less cleaning
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Every feature of the Evolve® water treatment systems has been designed to provide better water for your home and family. Our complete line of innovative water treatment products combines efficiency and flexibility to create the brilliant water you can trust.

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