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Evolve® EV1 Water Conditioners

Cutting-Edge Water Treatment & pH Neutralizing

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Evolve® conditioners combine exclusive Crystal-Right™ media with self-monitoring, deep-cleaning technology. Crystal-Right™ is an exceptional filter in our EV1 water conditioners, removing hardness, iron, and manganese while raising the pH of acidic water.

If you're interested in a water conditioning solution that lowers acidity and produces clean, delicious water, speak with a dealer today.

How the EV1 works

One could arguably state that the EV1 from Evolve® is the best water conditioner on the market. Unlike other water conditioners, our innovative Evolve® Series uses conditioned water to make its brine solution. The EV1 also utilizes a "dry fill" process to make salt bridging and tank sweating less likely. Our EV1's multi-position sequencing ensures pure, clear water in every glass.

Our EV1 water conditioner uses:

  • Patented IQ technology to record and monitor usage trends
  • Exclusive media that acts as an exceptional filter and softener
  • More efficient water for more efficient plumbing, fixtures, and appliances
  • Patented Chlorine Generator that automatically cleans the system
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Every feature of the Evolve® water treatment systems has been designed to provide better water for your home and family. Our complete line of innovative water treatment products combines efficiency and flexibility to create the brilliant water you can trust.

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