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Clear Flo® - The Simple Drinking Water Solution

Filter out impurities, particles, and much more


If you want to assure clear and fresh water for your family, then the Clear Flo® RO drinking water system is perfect for you. With this unit, your water will be free of impurities, including heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine, and large suspended particles.

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How the Clear Flo® system works

Want to guarantee fresh water every time you use the tap? The Clear Flo® freshwater solution ensures the safe drinking water your family deserves, delivering up to 100 gallons per day. Using multi-stage filtration, the Clear Flo® system helps remove particles and impurities, meaning only the best water makes it through your tap!

Our Clear Flo® reverse osmosis drinking water system reduces impurities and other contaminants through a multi-stage filtration process that includes:

Reverse osmosis process diagram
  1. The manifold system directs water through a sediment carbon pre-filter, ensuring chlorine-free and particle-free water.
  2. Then, water is directed through the membrane, trapping and isolating contaminants, substantially reducing microscopic impurities.
  3. Next, water is channeled through the carbon post filter. Contaminants that slip past the membrane are removed and absorbed. The water is then stored in the pressure tank for on-demand use.
  4. To avoid the water picking up tastes and odors from the holding tank, it is run through one last carbon filtration process.
  • Features

    With the Clear Flo® drinking water system, you will have guaranteed fresh water every time you go to the tap, as the unit delivers 100 gallons per day. With simple cartridge replacement and an array of faucet finishes to chose from, it is highly compatible with any water issue and kitchen.

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