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Evolve® EV Water Conditioners

Water Conditioner Model Checklist

One unit. One solution.

Evolve® water conditioners bring cutting-edge water treatment into your home, providing brilliantly-engineered water. Our systems are equipped with a patented IQ2 controller that features a self-monitoring deep cleaning system and an exclusive Crystal-Right™ media. Our EV1 and EV2 systems preserve your home while producing fresh, pristine water.

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EV1 & EV2 - Soften, Filter and Neutralize

EV1 conditioner

High-quality water is an essential part of your overall health and our EV water conditioning units produce clean, clear water. Whether your water is supplied by the city or a private well, our systems can help you!

Evolve® water conditioners were designed with cutting-edge technology and precision to provide the cleanest, most efficient water for your home. Here's what you can expect from our EV1 & EV2 units:

  • Exclusive Crystal-Right™ media
  • Reduces hardness, iron, and manganese
  • Raises low pH (EV1 only)

EV1 Conditioner EV2 Conditioner

Twin Tank Conditioner - Ensuring the better water your household deserves

EV Twin Tank Conditioners

With our Evolve® Series Twin Tank Conditioners, every component, feature, and innovation was designed to bring the highest quality, most efficient water to your home.

Crystal-Right™ media effectively filters iron and manganese, while correcting acidic water conditions, and softening all at the same time. Our twin-tank model withstands higher levels of chlorine, preventing bacterial growth in your tank, so your home will never be without crystal-clear water.

The Evolve® Twin Tank Conditioner has a lot to offer to homes with hard water, including:

  • Crystal-Right™ media for hard water remediation
  • Reduces hardness, iron, and manganese
  • Twin units for around-the-clock soft water

Twin Tank Conditioner

A look at the inner workings of water conditioner systems

Review the buttons below to see our water conditioning system in action. You can view animations and watch how the Evolve® Series EV1/EV2 Conditioners work to treat the water in your home. Talk to an Evolve® dealer water expert about Evolve® water treatment systems today.


This is the normal operating position of the conditioner. In this stage, untreated water flows through the inlet side of the control valve then down through and across the media. It is at this moment undesirable minerals, including calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, and more, are removed from the water. In some models, water pH can be increased at the same time!


This is the first cycle in the regeneration cycle. When the system needs to regenerate, it signals the control valve to fill the brine tank with water. Unlike many other systems, the Evolve Series uses conditioned water when making a brine solution.

Since the Evolve Series systems use a 'dry fill' process, salt is less susceptible to 'bridging.' Tank sweating is also less likely when humid conditions exist. Also, because conditioned water is used in the refill, the tank stays cleaner.


During the Backwash step in the regeneration process, the media in the tank is physically lifted up, spun around, and agitated under pressure. It is cleaned of any particles such as dirt, clay, and precipitated iron, which has been filtered out during normal use of the system. The Backwash water with undesirable particles then flows harmlessly down the drain.


During this rejuvenating or recharging cycle, brine is drawn out of the salt tank, passing through the patented chlorine generator while en route to the system's media. While passing through the generator, it comes in contact with small amounts of electrical currents, which in turn creates free chlorine from the chlorides in the brine. As the chlorinated brine solution flows through the media, it disinfects the tank and recharges the media. Most of the chlorine is consumed in the disinfection process. Any leftover chlorine and brine solution are removed during the system's rinse cycle.


During the final step in the regeneration process, your system ensures that any remaining salt and residual chlorine has been rinsed from the unit. When the cycle is completed, the unit returns to its service position and provides quality conditioned water.

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Every feature of the Evolve® water treatment systems has been designed to provide better water for your home and family. Our complete line of innovative water treatment products combines efficiency and flexibility to create the brilliant water you can trust.

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